Day 11

Day 11: Last night I went to find protein powder. After talking to a lot of people I figured it was probably a good idea to add that into the diet, but I wanted to stick with the diet as close as possible. I did not want to use soy powder because soy acts like estrogen in the body, in large quantities. The other usual choice is Whey protein. But that is really for muscle building and not for weight loss, plus it comes from an animal and negates the whole raw food thing. So I found a powder that is gluten, vegan, etc… That is not soy, it is bean sprouts! I’m adding 20-40grams to my diet a day, and that should be just enough I think. It doesn’t taste like anything but it does change the texture a bit of the juice. I’ll post a pick of the canister.


3 thoughts on “Day 11

    • It doesn’t really have much taste at all but it does tend to change the color. It is from sprouts sp it tends to just blend with the green stuff. I have tried it all by it self in store bought orange juice and it just tastes like i added greens to the juice.

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